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A Couple of Things I was Told about Andrew Luck

Just an email found floating round the interwebs. Please take it for what it’s worth.

Hey this is nothing you probably haven’t already figured out but as I told you before I work part-time at WNDE in town. Well I went tonight and talked to Jake Queary and found out some stuff I don’t want to put on the forum becuase 1, I don’t want to talk about Jake’s personal life like that and 2, since i don’t have a source I can post I don’t want all the people on the forum who don’t believe to just flame me for it.

Well Jake’s GF is Donnie Walsh’s daughter and she is good friends with one of the Irsay girls. I guess she told Jake that dad decided a long time ago Peyton is never going to be able to play again and shouldn’t play agin. That’s why he keeps saying IF HEALTHY with everything he said about keeping Peyton. She also said that he understands he can’t come out and publically say just that or the fan base will go nuts when Peyton says I want to play again. She said Jim feels like a dad when you know your child is going to do something stupid you can’t stop him but you aren’t going to do anything to help him do it either.

Jake also told me that it’s a done deal we are taking Luck and they just keep throwing RG3’s name out there in case something happens to Luck like a major injury and they have to take RG3 just so they don’t make him mad.

Again like I said I don’t want to put that out there as public knowledge but I don’t mind sharing it with my internet friends.

Particularly interesting (if true) is the part about Irsay just not wanting Peyton to play anymore period. But I wanted to get this up for those of you out there who have concerns about Irsay’s latest RG3 riddle-like tweets.


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