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Colts might play Lions on Thanksgiving 2012

The 2012 NFL schedule is expected to make it’s way out soon enough, and there’s a chance that the Colts might play on Thanksgiving Day against the Detroit Lions.

On Thanksgiving, the Lions will host the Texans or the Colts.  The Cowboys will welcome an NFC team; this year, the visitor will come from among the Redskins, Giants, Eagles, Buccaneers, Saints, and Bears.  No specific team has dibs on the third game Thanksgiving game, which will be televised for the first time on NBC.

So that’s cool. Like I told someone earlier today, it’s not like my wife is going to allow me to see any of that early-lunch game on Turkey Day anyways. So meh. If the Colts are picked for the Thanksgiving Game in Detroit, I’ll see slightly less than a quarter of it from New Jersey. If the Colts aren’t, even better. I’ll get to see their entire game a few days later on Sunday.


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Andrew Luck’s Pro Day

This pas Thursday was Andrew Luck’s Pro Day at Stanford. I was at work, watched a lot of the workout on a grainy monitor video view that only allowed me to hear some of Mike Mayock’s comments on NFL Network.

Here’s some cited tidbits that came out the morning of the workout:

“I would think it’s a mere formality,” one scout told me. “I didn’t write him up or study him, but just from crossover tape, you say, ‘Oh my God.’ He can do a lot of things. He can move. He can throw. He’s smart. He’s in a pro-style offense, so there won’t be a big learning curve …”

“He would have to have a catastrophic workout for him not to be the guy, in my opinion,” said a second scout. “The one thing he has to do at his workout in the Colts’ eyes is to come out healthy. That is it. He is easy to scout. He is ready to play now and will play at a high level in a short time.”

And from former scout Russ Lande of the Sporting News and GM Jr.: “I think more than anything, since they are going to both [RGIII] and Luck’s pro days, they want to be sure about Luck’s arm strength as that is a concern amongst some. Other than that, from what I have been told they have already decided on Luck and would only change their mind if something completely unforeseen were to happen.”

Now for the scouting of what I saw.

Effortless throws all throughout the routine. All throws appeared to be crisp spirals. It was a cold and windy day in Palo Alto, and it did not seem to impact on the throws. This would be an added bonus for a Quarterback that is headed to presumably play all home games in a dome.

Luck tossed a few deep balls starting the routine. Still effortless, tight spirals. First throw was a little underthrown, the rest have been in stride and good. He gets it out there effortlessly. The touch throws seem to be the best that he has within his arsenal.

His footwork is tremendous. Also, his ability to dodge the guy with the broom (QB coach George Whitfield) and get back into throwing motion with such quickness is remarkable.

Luck threw one ball to the left while running left and it was spot on. Here’s my favorite throw from the pro day, a 70-yard ball into the wind that was requested by some scouts.

He tallied 46 of 50 completions, and as I said before a few drops were mixed in there.

I thought that Luck showed everything he had to so that people like me and the experts could say that he’s “as advertised”. I also thought that Coby Fleener showed that he should be a 1st round pick (or get heavy consideration for the Colts 2nd round pick if he falls that far).

Here’s a few of the videos from the pro day:

And here’s an interview he did with the ESPN crew immediately following the workout:

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