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Winston Justice will beef up Colts Offensive Line

Today the Colts opened up the morning by acquiring Offensive Tackle Winston Justice from the Philadelphia Eagles (Grigson connection here), and they didn’t have to give up a whole lot to get Justice.

The two teams simply swapped 6th round selections in the upcoming NFL draft, meaning now the Eagles get the No. 2 pick in the sixth-round from the Colts, and Indy gets the No. 17 pick in the sixth-round along with Justice.

Justice will probably be playing a lot of right tackle for Indianapolis. If you’re getting to know Winston Justice’s name for the first time, here are some notes:

  • He’s going to be playing in his age 28 season.
  • He played college football as a USC Trojan. 
  • I’ve seen him listed at 6’5″ and 300 and also 6’6″ and 320. 
  • He’s made 31 starts in his NFL career, all as an Eagle. 
  • You might remember the night in 2007 when he allowed Osi Umeniyora to get four sacks of Donovan McNabb. That’s my NFL memory of Winston Justice.

I think a lot of people expected the Eagles/Ravens connection from Grigson and Pagano, and this is definitely one of those moves. You have to think the Colts are thinking one thing right now, get bigger in the trenches immediately, and start compiling lineman so they can have every chance to keep Andrew Luck unscathed in his rookie season.

Justice will be a guy who the Colts are depending heavily on in 2012 to protect the franchise. He’s an important piece to the puzzle. 


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