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A Cranky Canuck former Colts Writer is Cranky

Brad Wells used to write for Stampede Blue, until he got fired for being grumpy. He was fired up on twitter yesterday.

Someone is gonna sign the guy. I just want to win a damn ring. Switches or not. There are a lot of guys wearing the Colts uniform who do bad shit, Brad. The media just doesn’t catch it all. If we only knew the amount spent on strippers and sex acts by Colts players in 2014 alone. But you can’t think about that stuff. It will make you bitter, and make you hate the NFL.

I don’t know if I’ll make it up to Vancouver, BC to hang anyways. Give me Peterson!

I felt this season was lackluster as well, FWIW. Something was just….. missing. Even with the Colts going hopelessly to the AFC title game, I just felt like it was a shitty season and had a hard time feeling the nostalgic way I felt when I really loved the NFL more than anything in this world. From the early 90’s until the 2005’s or so. Before Madden the video game sucked. Before the game got so damn corporatized.

The jury is out on Grigson, but agree the Chuck Pagano gets out-coached far too often for my liking and while he’s a nice guy and all that; he probably never wins the big one. I just don’t think he’s that good of a head coach. I agree with the Canuck here.

I like football and can’t wait for 2015. The NFL has me hook, line, and sinker. Somehow, they’ve Jedi mind tricked me, and I still have the NFL Network on most nights even though I’m a huge baseball fan and the season is approaching. But this season was lacking something, Goodell is a crook politician, yet there’s a drama created by NFL football on Sunday’s that I still live for. I still have hopes that the game I love is restored fully.

Plus, every time you think of hating the NFL; just think about Andrew Luck. What is NOT to love about this guy? He’s everything that’s great about football, even being a dorkus malorkis.


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Colts Preview: A Cinderella Sequel, Better Than the Original

Andy Benoit provides a nice read on SI’s MMQB newly-tailored site.

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Jim Irsay says save the date: September 6th

He’s having a Gin Blossoms concert to kick off the season. And what a great idea by the Colts.

More details here.

I love Gin Blossoms. I might have to check this out.

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Colts might play Lions on Thanksgiving 2012

The 2012 NFL schedule is expected to make it’s way out soon enough, and there’s a chance that the Colts might play on Thanksgiving Day against the Detroit Lions.

On Thanksgiving, the Lions will host the Texans or the Colts.  The Cowboys will welcome an NFC team; this year, the visitor will come from among the Redskins, Giants, Eagles, Buccaneers, Saints, and Bears.  No specific team has dibs on the third game Thanksgiving game, which will be televised for the first time on NBC.

So that’s cool. Like I told someone earlier today, it’s not like my wife is going to allow me to see any of that early-lunch game on Turkey Day anyways. So meh. If the Colts are picked for the Thanksgiving Game in Detroit, I’ll see slightly less than a quarter of it from New Jersey. If the Colts aren’t, even better. I’ll get to see their entire game a few days later on Sunday.

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Moves Round Up: Saturday, Stanton, Avery

Since the past few days have gone by quickly as I was transitioning over to this site, I missed a few moves. Here they are in short order:

Typically, I’d do a full profiling of the new Colts as I’ve done in the past and a full post dedicated to Jeff Saturday and Ryan Diem, the dearly departed. But I’ve been transitioning some stuff over to WordPress and still getting settled in. And as you know all of that takes time. So it results in a short order post like this one that I will promise not to make a habit of.

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The Manning Face

This is pretty funny: Dave’s Art Locker has Peyton Manning in every NFL logo. Thank goodness there is a Deadspin to track all this good stuff down.

Also, here’s another ESPN article that acts like it’s a forgone conclusion that Peyton Manning is history in Indianapolis. I don’t believe this yet. There are too many other pieces of information out there suggesting he could still return.

More to come on all of this as it shakes out. Hopefully we have some direction within the next week.

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Indianapolis Road Trip

My wife and I are headed to Indianapolis to take in the sights and sounds of the Super Bowl on the eve of the game. We’ll likely attend the NFL Experience and there will be pictures and some scribes to follow–I just want to go to the Colts Grille again.

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Why I Started PTH

Welcome to anyone who has found their way here.

I want this blog to be about everything that is NFL Football. I want it to cover the in’s and out’s of a specific era. I want it to speak the language of the game that has given me so many wonderful memories from my childhood into my adult years.

I hope that this blog becomes a stomping ground for not just Indianapolis Colts fans, but fans of the greatest league on earth. A web space where you just might see anything, so long as it has to do with football.

I grew up on John Madden, the NFL Today Show, and Tecmo Bowl. I want this blog to embody all of the passion I have inside of me for Sundays in the fall and winter.

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