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Seattle Seahawks to make a monster run at Peyton Manning

With the release of Peyton Manning coming at a noon press conference today in Indianapolis, the first shots of one of the NFL’s other 31 franchises figures to be fired by the Seattle Seahawks.

According to this report, the Seahawks are preparing to “come out checkbook blazing”.

I had originally thought the Kansas City Chiefs would be the team to pick up Peyton Manning. It was no more than a gut feeling that gained steam as time went on after I had initially had the thought. Now I truly believe in my heart that Seattle could work for Manning.

I particularly think that the interaction he would have with head coach Pete Carroll would be one that would be effective; Carroll is a veteran coach that doesn’t seem to be a control freak. He could let Manning come in and have control of the offense for a few years and focus on other areas of his football team. Carroll has been close to turning the corner in Seattle but has lacked the signal caller to fully make his own break.

Also, when big money is being thrown around; it shows that you are very desired. I think the Seahawks will show the most amount of desire in terms of teams with their checkbooks.

Don’t discount the fact that Seattle isn’t a huge media market. This is a situation Manning might find some fondness with. They don’t have five beat writers in Seattle. It’s the opposite reasoning which leads me to rule out destinations like the New York Jets and Washington Redskins.

I think the only teams in the realistic Peyton Manning market will be Seattle, Kansas City, Miami, and Arizona.


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