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When will Colts negotiate contract with Andrew Luck?

With Peyton Manning off the Colts roster, they’re currently naked in terms of having a starting Quarterback on the team. The next question logically becomes, when do they start to negotiate a deal with presumed #1 overall draft pick Andrew Luck?

It was reported just before the combine began that the Colts were free to sign Luck before the draft began, a notion that Grigson shot down pretty quickly just the day after the option was presented to the public.

That said, it’s easy to tell if you read between the lines that Jim Irsay is smitten with Andrew Luck. The Colts didn’t even interview Robert Griffin III at the combine at the end of last month. They have made up their mind who is going #1 overall.

Now that the Manning saga has played itself out and the hardest part is behind the Colts, the logical next step would be to cement the sale and sign Luck to his rookie contract, making him the first true building block of the rebuild.

I would be very surprised if we don’t see something around this prior to next month’s draft. The Colts won’t be without a face of the franchise for long.


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