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Reggie Wayne – A Colt for Life

Here’s a great read from the Indystar Blog Bounce it off Phil B. on Reggie Wayne’s decision to remain a Colt.


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Reggie Wayne signs 3-year Deal to Remain with Colts

The greatest Colts wide receiver of all-time will be given the opportunity to keep on keeping on in Indianapolis. Reggie Wayne has signed a three year contract extension with the Colts. Terms were believed to be $17.5 million dollars over the life of the deal that should allow Wayne to retire a Colt.

And suddenly, things don’t seem so bad. The Colts retain one of the best receivers in the game to help out Andrew Luck. And if they can add another piece or two, this offense has a chance. Not everyone is leaving Naptown.

Welcome home #87. Put the money in the bag!

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REPORT: Peyton Manning would love to have Reggie Wayne in his new landing spot

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King wrote today offering a few new nuggets for us that have all been following this Peyton Manning storyline so very closely.

King writes:

The latest in the Peyton Manning story involves a Manning-Reggie Wayne reunion, which I’m told at least two potential suitor teams would seriously consider in an attempt to lure the rehabbing Manning if the Colts cut him between now and the March 8 deadline Indianapolis has for exercising a $28 million option bonus to keep the legendary quarterback.

This is interesting. This allows for very little speculation, because it’s Peter King and he’s accurate when it comes to sources and people telling him things. He’s stayed away from touching the Manning subject much at all–partly because he probably figures he’s going to have plenty of time to react to it after more details come out following the big March 8 date.

But here King says that there are two organizations that would consider a package deal of Manning and Wayne together. That is at least two franchises who are planning strategy for the impending release of Peyton Manning. Again, why would NFL teams even discuss this if it wasn’t something that was going to happen?

Such a pairing would not only be a plus for Manning, who would love to see it happen, according to one NFL source. But also it would allow him to go to his new team with one familiar receiving face, and if you can say one thing about Manning, it’s that he loves familiarity, particularly in how his receivers anticipate throws and the precision of their route-running.
Above is probably the most interesting part of the entire article. We’ve got the ever popular NFL source who has Peyton Manning speculating on a new landing spot next season and admitting wanting to take Reggie Wayne with him when he goes.

King then goes on to rank the suitors with the usual suspects involved, and their potential fit for not only Manning but also Wayne. From there, King offers us the bit of information that Pierre Garcon might have turned down the Colts offer for a contract so that he can wait and see how the Manning situation shakes out.

Personally, I would like to see the Colts retain Reggie Wayne at all costs so he can be a target for Andrew Luck. It doesn’t seem likely that it’s going to happen, but a man can dream.

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