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Two New Colts

 Happy Saturday. Er, Friday. Feels that way when you take a day off for the first time in a while. As I battle through a bout of gastritis/stomach ulcer pain, I attended the NCAA tournament for the first time today. It was definitely on my sports bucket list. There was some news in Colts land in the past 48 hours.

The Colts signed Tom Zbikowski! They now have a real walking, breathing safety! Here are some things to know about ‘Zib’, and I suggest a visit to his football reference page if you want to spend time looking at old football information that will waste a lot of your precious time you can never get back.

  • Notre Dame product, was a teammate of Brady Quinn.
  • Selected in the 3rd round, 86th overall in the 2008 NFL draft.
  • Has basically played only on special teams even though he figures to be the starter for the Colts.
  • Who he might be when he grows up: Jim Leonard-type with an emphasis on his ability to return punts.

Also, another Eagle has left the nest for Naptown. His name is Mike McGlynn. On McGlynn:

  • From Austintown, Ohio. Was a Pittsburgh Panther on Saturdays.
  • 4th round pick, 109th overall in the 2008 NFL draft. 
  • Started 14 games for the Eagles in 2010 at center, and then 4 last season for the Bengals at guard.
  • Figures to be a swing-man type on the line. Hopefully just a back-up.

Also in closing out this post, Peyton Manning plans to sign with his new team next week. Rumor has it that the new team is the Broncos, and there’s an interesting story behind it all.


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Peter King MMQB on Peyton Manning Free Agency

“I still am trying to get my brain around the thought that one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time is a street free agent — and was in our building talking about playing for our team,” said one official of a team in the running this weekend.

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Colts Showing Some Class with Mural message

Hat tip: Stampede Blue

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Drew Magary on Peyton Manning leaving Indy

The reactions will continue to trickle in, and while Drew Magary from Kissing Suzy Kolber (and now Deadspin) isn’t always right, he usually sums things up pretty well. He’s like me, just a fan at the core. For instance, I loved his post on Randy Moss the day Moss retired. He was pretty much spot on.

Here’s his spot on Peyton Manning today.

No other quarterback in NFL history—not Marino, not Montana, not Elway, not Favre, not Brady—has ever strung together such a remarkably consistent run of excellence. And now that run is over, just like that. I’m not sure any successful NFL tenure has ended so abruptly. Twelve months ago, Manning was everything to the Colts, and now he’ll be cut without recompense. You already know why the Colts are doing this, and why it makes perfect sense. But that doesn’t make the whole phenomenon any less bizarre. It’s still mind-blowing to think that even one of the greatest QBs of all time is still a fungible cog in the NFL’s machinery, dispatched in a relatively quick manner for the sake of “building for the future.” In the NFL, the future is always the prize. The now is undervalued, and the past is utterly worthless.

Those last three sentences really are the take home message from today.

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Colts Release Peyton Manning

The end has officially arrived. It was a pretty sad scene really. I feel for Jim Irsay, and I especially feel for Peyton Manning. On a larger scale, it’s an awakening for me as a sports fan. If this can happen to Peyton Manning it can happen to any player in sports.

In terms of being an NFL fan and following that shield my entire life, this is one of the paramount moments you just don’t forget. I’ll always remember the day the Colts and Peyton Manning broke up. Like in all the classic Mafia movies, Manning was the last to get whacked in this one as all the old boys who had gone before him.

In terms of how huge this was, even CNN televised the press conference. I got a text from my wife during lunch hour saying that she was watching it from the student center of her university. Everyone knows about this. When I leave the parking lot at work tonight, I’ll have to pick between ESPN and local Indianapolis 1260 WNDE because the coverage will be everywhere until we go to sleep tonight.

There will be plenty of time to talk about the Colts, and Andrew Luck (the most important part of the rebuild), who the Colts will draft, Chuck Pagano, Ryan Grigson and the new band that is getting ready to set up shop on stage. But today is about Peyton Manning. It’s about an icon, and a door closing today.

As a football fan, just remember you will always be able to stay within the warmth of all the memories.

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Seattle Seahawks to make a monster run at Peyton Manning

With the release of Peyton Manning coming at a noon press conference today in Indianapolis, the first shots of one of the NFL’s other 31 franchises figures to be fired by the Seattle Seahawks.

According to this report, the Seahawks are preparing to “come out checkbook blazing”.

I had originally thought the Kansas City Chiefs would be the team to pick up Peyton Manning. It was no more than a gut feeling that gained steam as time went on after I had initially had the thought. Now I truly believe in my heart that Seattle could work for Manning.

I particularly think that the interaction he would have with head coach Pete Carroll would be one that would be effective; Carroll is a veteran coach that doesn’t seem to be a control freak. He could let Manning come in and have control of the offense for a few years and focus on other areas of his football team. Carroll has been close to turning the corner in Seattle but has lacked the signal caller to fully make his own break.

Also, when big money is being thrown around; it shows that you are very desired. I think the Seahawks will show the most amount of desire in terms of teams with their checkbooks.

Don’t discount the fact that Seattle isn’t a huge media market. This is a situation Manning might find some fondness with. They don’t have five beat writers in Seattle. It’s the opposite reasoning which leads me to rule out destinations like the New York Jets and Washington Redskins.

I think the only teams in the realistic Peyton Manning market will be Seattle, Kansas City, Miami, and Arizona.

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Peyton Manning Era Comes to an End

After 14 years and 4,682 pass completions, the Peyton Manning era in Indianapolis is over with.

Here’s a video from the airport in Indianapolis tonight, where the Colts owner and former QB landed in anticipation for their noon press conference tomorrow:

Full reaction coming, as the boys said; tomorrow.

If you want a primer, here’s Bob Kravitz’s take at the Indy Star. He will never cover a bigger story.

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The Peyton Manning YouTube Workout Video

Above is the video of Peyton Manning making four throws that was clearly put out by Manning Camp early this morning. In actuality, it was between the 1:00 and 2:00 AM hour last night. At the :06 mark, you’ve got “what a ball”. That tips me off that this video was put out by Peyton Manning’s group (along with the fact that Chris Mortensen broke the story). But what was the reason?

He obviously wants to show that he is healthy. That he can still play. But what about his status with the Colts? Is he trying to show the Colts organization he can still play so they’ll pick up the option? After all, Jim Irsay did say that if #18 is healthy he’ll be a Colt.

Everywhere else, people are saying it’s a matter of when and where until Manning moves on.

Thursday the wait should be over. That’s March 8th. But I wouldn’t discount the possibility of Jim Irsay and Peyton delaying things and making us wait a while longer. It just doesn’t feel like an answer is coming Thursday, does it?

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REPORT: Peyton Manning would love to have Reggie Wayne in his new landing spot

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King wrote today offering a few new nuggets for us that have all been following this Peyton Manning storyline so very closely.

King writes:

The latest in the Peyton Manning story involves a Manning-Reggie Wayne reunion, which I’m told at least two potential suitor teams would seriously consider in an attempt to lure the rehabbing Manning if the Colts cut him between now and the March 8 deadline Indianapolis has for exercising a $28 million option bonus to keep the legendary quarterback.

This is interesting. This allows for very little speculation, because it’s Peter King and he’s accurate when it comes to sources and people telling him things. He’s stayed away from touching the Manning subject much at all–partly because he probably figures he’s going to have plenty of time to react to it after more details come out following the big March 8 date.

But here King says that there are two organizations that would consider a package deal of Manning and Wayne together. That is at least two franchises who are planning strategy for the impending release of Peyton Manning. Again, why would NFL teams even discuss this if it wasn’t something that was going to happen?

Such a pairing would not only be a plus for Manning, who would love to see it happen, according to one NFL source. But also it would allow him to go to his new team with one familiar receiving face, and if you can say one thing about Manning, it’s that he loves familiarity, particularly in how his receivers anticipate throws and the precision of their route-running.
Above is probably the most interesting part of the entire article. We’ve got the ever popular NFL source who has Peyton Manning speculating on a new landing spot next season and admitting wanting to take Reggie Wayne with him when he goes.

King then goes on to rank the suitors with the usual suspects involved, and their potential fit for not only Manning but also Wayne. From there, King offers us the bit of information that Pierre Garcon might have turned down the Colts offer for a contract so that he can wait and see how the Manning situation shakes out.

Personally, I would like to see the Colts retain Reggie Wayne at all costs so he can be a target for Andrew Luck. It doesn’t seem likely that it’s going to happen, but a man can dream.

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Silver: Irsay plans to move on from Peyton Manning, forward with Andrew Luck

Another day at the NFL combine, another big piece of news regarding the big situation in Indianapolis.

This time it’s from Yahoo! Sports Michael Silver.

I’ve been waiting for Silver to weigh in on this with his summary of events–deciding that I was going to go with whatever position Silver presented. He’s mad ea career of being a solid and accurate reporter. When Silver writes something, you can take it to the bank. He’s like a Jay Glazer in that respect. While he leaves the door open slightly for a Manning return to Indianapolis, unless “something dramatic and unexpected” happens, Manning will be released in the next few days.

And for those who think that Robert Griffin III’s insane 40-yard dash time of 4.41 will sway Indianapolis’ front office to look at takind the Baylor Quarterback with the first overall selection, Silver offers this valuable nugget.

As one Colts source said earlier this week, “Luck is The Guy. I don’t care what happens [at the combine]. I don’t care if Griffin flies.”

Silver also makes some really key points that haven’t really been brought to light yet. If Irsay allows Manning to remain in the organization, he’s not really allowing his new hires in Chuck Pagano and Ryan Grigson a full opportunity at success. Silver also talks about the situations leading up to the new coach and General Manager–the firing of Bill Polian, Jim Caldwell, and the head trainer that was helping with Manning’s rehabilitation. 

With each passing day, more and more reputable folks are staking their claim to the idea that a divorce is coming between the Colts and Peyton Manning. If it happens we’ll be here to react to anything and everything that shakes out. Some gigantic news is coming the way of this Colts organization as soon as the owner can get his bearings straight and decide to start building around the future of the organization.

That most valuable building block ran a 4.59 40-yard dash this morning at the combine. Get him some weapons and reload.

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