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Colts look at 40-yard Dash as a drill of most importance

In the spirit of preparing for the NFL Combine 2015 that kicks off tomorrow, Pro Football Talk checks in with a reminder that the Colts place 40-yard dash times of prospects very high on their ‘like’ list.

“The actual interview with the player we feel is incredibly important,” Grigson said. “It is where you find out how the player fits in so many ways from primarily a mental and character standpoint. Every year there is a guy who walks through the door that just brings tremendous energy and enthusiasm that is tangible and you make note of those types of strong interactions. The other I would say is the 40 time, not that it is or isn’t the reason to draft a guy, but at the end of the day it helps you assign proper market value to the player. Especially at those skill positions.”

The Colts clearly want a fast and agile group of players to dot their roster, but should they be geared towards a more physical animal? What kind of roster group is better to beat the New England Patriots in a winner take all scenario?

That’s the question the Colts need to ask themselves, because as long as Brady and Belichick are still around; the Colts will have to get through them to get to Super Bowls. We know New England has kept the Colts from one, and arguably two Super Bowl Sundays.


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It’s Combine Time

I spent about four hours today watching the NFL Combine on the NFL Network. It’s the first time I’ve devoted much time to the event, and I have to say that it’s great. It makes for a more educated NFL fan. It’s the primer; the meat and potatoes of the game I crave more of. In fact as I write this post, I’ve got the replay of Mike Mayock, Rich Eisen and company replaying and I probably will until I pass out.

The combine is a rite of passage for any fan claiming to be a die hard. It’s flow-over-the-top analysis and more football than anyone really needs. And yet that’s why it’s so great. The combine gives you a chance to get to know an NFL prospect from the very beginning even if you only got to see a guy play once or twice in his four years in college. Or not at all. It’s the chance to know a guy from seed to sprout to fully grown stage. And if you think there’s no difference between a guy like Stanford guard David Decastro and Utah tackle John Cullen, watch the combine. You’ll see who is an athlete and who just isn’t a ‘natural bender’ as Mayock said. I am absolutely hooked.

Tie in all the stuff that’s going on with the Quarterback, the Owner, and the prospect of a lifetime; and we’ve got a real storyline on our hands unfolding in the city that hosts the combine.

The biggest piece of news that worked it’s way out today–and you knew something would–is that due to the new CBA in place the Colts organization would not be permitted to see Peyton Manning throw before making any type of decision on him. That said, it’s my belief that the Colts have already made the decision regardless and Peyton knows the decision.

Now why would those be on clearance?

Here’s some other interesting pieces of note from the day:

-Todd McShay says Andrew Luck over RG3 and it’s not even close. [ESPN]
-Indy wants, and should get another Superbowl soon. [PFT]
-Teammates talk about Andrew Luck. [Stampede Blue]

I think I’m going to wake up nice and early tomorrow and get some coffee and watch the QB’s, receivers, and running backs at the combine starting at 9 am.

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Scout-Speak on Andrew Luck & RGIII

There’s a reason I love this time of year so much. It’s getting to hear scouts talk anonymously about the guys in the draft. I like to dig up this stuff years later and see what was accurate and what was way off. Thanks to Yahoo’s Jason Cole (via Pro Football Talk) we’ve got some good old fashioned pre-combine and pre-draft scout talk.

This time, it’s the declaration that 14 of 15 NFL scouts would take Andrew Luck as the top selection over Robert Griffin III.

Something that echoes what Colin Cowherd has said about Luck for months that I agree with:

” … He can walk in, run a team right now and do enough things that you can play competent, winning football. That’s the worst he’s going to be. He’s going to be a player on your team for 10 years, barring injury, and in this business that’s saying a lot.”

I’ll say this, his floor is probably around the Eli Manning or Tim Couch range. Yes, I can put those two men together because physically I don’t think there was a huge difference but the difference came in team talent around them. His ceiling is probably something similar to Peyton Manning or Joe Montana.

You’re not getting a guy who will bust in the NFL. You’re getting a guy who at the very least is going to allow you to compete every year and a few of those years when the ball bounces your way and you have the right talent around the guy; you’re going to compete for a title.

Sound familiar?

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