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Adrian Peterson provides Vikings with five teams he would approve a trade to

The Colts were reportedly part of a five team list that Adrian Peterson provided the Minnesota Vikings with in which he would approve a trade to.

That list is as follows:

  • Arizona Cardinals
  • Indianapolis Colts
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • San Diego Chargers
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The report was from yesterday. This would be opposite of other reports that said Peterson’s meeting with the Vikings ‘went well’.

I don’t put huge odds on Peterson ending up a Colt. I think it’s probable that the Vikings keep him, or the most likely scenario is that he heads to Dallas with Demarco Murray heading elsewhere for huge dollars that he can’t turn down.

I’m okay with the Colts giving Murray the huge dollars he will command, contingent on the fact that they’ll still have money left over to do the right thing and give Andrew Luck the record setting contract extension that he deserves before the 2015 regular season begins. This is not something ownership and the front office should drag out, even if it means passing on some pricey free agents.


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Adrian Peterson to Indy? Oh Football Gods Please Please Let this Happen

I have been flirting with the idea of Adrian Peterson somehow ending up in speedway blue all off-season. They have the money to make this happen, and Peterson fills a hole the Colts could avoid filling in the draft. Adrian Peterson’s dad says that his son is rumored to be going one of three places:

“I’ve heard rumors, Arizona,” Nelson Peterson told Tomasson. “I’ve also heard the rumors of Indianapolis and the Colts, going there with a quarterback the caliber of [Andrew] Luck. I’ve also heard the Cowboys, coming back home with the Cowboys, behind that offensive line that they have.”

It kind of seems like Mr. Peterson just created these three teams himself to create some buzz for three desirable destinations that Adrian would want to play for. Good enough for me.

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