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Colts ‘outbidding’ teams for Nick Fairley

I had not previously seen this report – but I guess it’s good news seeing as how Ndamukong Suh is headed to Miami for huge dollars. As the hosts of a recent talk show on NFL Sirius Radio recently stated, when Fairly is staying out of trouble and shows up and decides he wants to play football, he can be pretty unstoppable.

Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent on Tuesday, and reportedly, the Colts are outbidding the competition by a wide margin.

According to Bleacher Report’s Ian Wharton, the Colts are offering twice as much guaranteed money as any other team.

I mean, it is Bleacher Report; so it seems like nothing they report comes to fruition but they have gotten better over the years. I still have a hard time believing someone at Bleacher Report outside of a guy or two (Ian Wharton ain’t one of them) has a well-placed source somewhere, and this isn’t being reported anywhere else.

Also, Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole said the Colts would make a strong push for Suh. No evidence that really happened anywhere either.

Sign me up for Fairley and Greg Hardy next season if it can happen, and lock up your daughters.


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Colts sign Nasty Guard Todd Herremans

I’m not quite sure how they signed someone already, but the Colts have agreed to terms with 32-year old offensive right guard Todd Herremans.

There’s some gray area on free agents in my eyes, I didn’t think anyone could sign with new teams until Tuesday.

Here’s what to know about Todd Herremans:

  • Drafted in the 4th round of the 2005 NFL Draft out of Saginaw State by the Eagles
  • Knows GM Ryan Grigson from Grigson’s tenure in Philadelphia.
  • Despite being beloved by the Philadelphia fan base for his ‘nastiness’, he’s never been selected to a Pro Bowl.
  • 127 career games played, 124 career starts.
  • Has had a gruesome injury history.

He probably slides right into the starting lineup if healthy for Indianapolis. You have to hope his best football isn’t in his rear view mirror, and Herremans is still hungry. If so, this is exactly the type of move that didn’t cost a ton and they didn’t need to waste a draft pick on it. Now just add a great tackle in the first round and a center not long after in the draft.

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My Top 10 Free Agent Wishlist

Now that we have some new names to add to the free agency list – here is my current top 10 for guys I want the Colts to sign in the off-season. This is regardless of realistic chances of it happening (Suh). My hope is that two of these ten are wearing speedway blue by the time the season starts, and that’s probably best-case scenario.

  1. Ndamukong Suh
  2. Demarco Murray
  3. Randall Cobb
  4. Stefen Wisniewski
  5. Vince Wilfork
  6. Devin McCourty
  7. Bryan Bulaga
  8. Greg Hardy
  9. Mike Iupati
  10. Torrey Smith

We will have to see if they can pull in any of these guys. In terms of guys who aren’t free agents, Adrian Peterson and Brandon Marshall top my wishlist; but I think both are highly unlikely to come to Indianapolis.

And on a few of these, I could be way off. Even if say; Bulaga, Iupati or Smith become Colts, I could still see them being highly ineffective or having their best days behind them due to hard mileage already put on their bodies in the league. There is a reason that these guys were not extended with their current franchises who know more about them than anyone else. It’s not always that they got too expensive.

I just have to hope Ryan Grigson and the Colts scouting department truly has a plan on how they want to spend. And if I have to say it in every post – leave enough money left over to sign Andrew Luck to the extension that he deserves before the 2015 season begins.

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Colts top suitor for Hardy, Suh?

I don’t buy it, on least on behalf the Suh report.

Jason Cole, who is Bleacher Report’s NFL Insider; says that “the number one recruiting tool to lure players to Indianapolis is Andrew Luck”. That sounds good in theory, but I have to think the reports that the Miami Dolphins are the true frontrunner for Suh are much more accurate.

While picturing Hardy in a Colts uniform is a much more likely scenario and he would be a guy who can generate a rush from the outside – and he’s actually not the character concern the media would have folks believe he is – I see Suh signing with the Dolphins due to what they’ll offer and no state income tax on the huge dollars he is seeking.

My end prediction on this item: Suh to Miami, Hardy lands in Indianapolis. And I’m okay with this as long as the Colts land Adrian Peterson or Demarco Murray on the other side of the ball and draft a bevy of offensive lineman.

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Colts welcome Tyvon Branch for a visit

As PFT put it, “it’s like the Colts want to do the Bob Sanders thing over again”.

The Colts welcomed Tyvon Branch to Indianapolis to begin his free agency tour today.

Branch was cut by the Raiders recently after playing just five games in two seasons. They need a healthy version of Branch if they’re going to sign him. You can view his Pro-Football Reference page here.

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Two New Colts

 Happy Saturday. Er, Friday. Feels that way when you take a day off for the first time in a while. As I battle through a bout of gastritis/stomach ulcer pain, I attended the NCAA tournament for the first time today. It was definitely on my sports bucket list. There was some news in Colts land in the past 48 hours.

The Colts signed Tom Zbikowski! They now have a real walking, breathing safety! Here are some things to know about ‘Zib’, and I suggest a visit to his football reference page if you want to spend time looking at old football information that will waste a lot of your precious time you can never get back.

  • Notre Dame product, was a teammate of Brady Quinn.
  • Selected in the 3rd round, 86th overall in the 2008 NFL draft.
  • Has basically played only on special teams even though he figures to be the starter for the Colts.
  • Who he might be when he grows up: Jim Leonard-type with an emphasis on his ability to return punts.

Also, another Eagle has left the nest for Naptown. His name is Mike McGlynn. On McGlynn:

  • From Austintown, Ohio. Was a Pittsburgh Panther on Saturdays.
  • 4th round pick, 109th overall in the 2008 NFL draft. 
  • Started 14 games for the Eagles in 2010 at center, and then 4 last season for the Bengals at guard.
  • Figures to be a swing-man type on the line. Hopefully just a back-up.

Also in closing out this post, Peyton Manning plans to sign with his new team next week. Rumor has it that the new team is the Broncos, and there’s an interesting story behind it all.

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Winston Justice will beef up Colts Offensive Line

Today the Colts opened up the morning by acquiring Offensive Tackle Winston Justice from the Philadelphia Eagles (Grigson connection here), and they didn’t have to give up a whole lot to get Justice.

The two teams simply swapped 6th round selections in the upcoming NFL draft, meaning now the Eagles get the No. 2 pick in the sixth-round from the Colts, and Indy gets the No. 17 pick in the sixth-round along with Justice.

Justice will probably be playing a lot of right tackle for Indianapolis. If you’re getting to know Winston Justice’s name for the first time, here are some notes:

  • He’s going to be playing in his age 28 season.
  • He played college football as a USC Trojan. 
  • I’ve seen him listed at 6’5″ and 300 and also 6’6″ and 320. 
  • He’s made 31 starts in his NFL career, all as an Eagle. 
  • You might remember the night in 2007 when he allowed Osi Umeniyora to get four sacks of Donovan McNabb. That’s my NFL memory of Winston Justice.

I think a lot of people expected the Eagles/Ravens connection from Grigson and Pagano, and this is definitely one of those moves. You have to think the Colts are thinking one thing right now, get bigger in the trenches immediately, and start compiling lineman so they can have every chance to keep Andrew Luck unscathed in his rookie season.

Justice will be a guy who the Colts are depending heavily on in 2012 to protect the franchise. He’s an important piece to the puzzle. 

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Colts Agree to Terms with DE Cory Redding

Chuck Pagano has brought over his first Baltimore Ravens cast-off. Cory Redding was signed today to a 3-year, $10.5 million dollar deal.

Things to know:

-Redding was a 3rd round pick (66th overall) out of Texas, originally beginning his career with the Detroit Lions in 2003.
-His best year was 2006, when he had 8 sacks for the Lions.
-His second highest sack total was last season with 4.5 in Baltimore.
-This will be his 4th stop in the NFL. This will be his age 32 season.

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Reggie Wayne signs 3-year Deal to Remain with Colts

The greatest Colts wide receiver of all-time will be given the opportunity to keep on keeping on in Indianapolis. Reggie Wayne has signed a three year contract extension with the Colts. Terms were believed to be $17.5 million dollars over the life of the deal that should allow Wayne to retire a Colt.

And suddenly, things don’t seem so bad. The Colts retain one of the best receivers in the game to help out Andrew Luck. And if they can add another piece or two, this offense has a chance. Not everyone is leaving Naptown.

Welcome home #87. Put the money in the bag!

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Free Agency Tuesday

This is a couple of items that I ordered off the menu at the Colts Grille in Indianapolis when my wife and I made a stop there Super Bowl weekend. It’s my favorite restaurant on the planet, and I had to get these pictures on the blog somewhere.

*Also, if you stop in the Colts Grille on a Tuesday, you can get the Yak burger. Try it if you’re ever in town.

Today at 4:00 PM ET, NFL free agency begins.

I don’t expect the Colts to be very big players. But we’ll keep the updates flowing frequently throughout the day and night.

Pierre Garcon has probably played his last down as an Indianapolis Colt.

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