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Adam Schefter: Irsay/Manning Meeting Could Come Next Week

Heard Adam Schefter on ESPN’s Mike & Mike in the Morning this morning. Here’s a recap:

-He made a few calls yesterday, although things are quiet right now the general feeling is that the meeting between Irsay and Peyton will most likely come next week. The feeling right now is kind of like a longtime couple, they just don’t want to “break up”. As silly as it sounds, that’s what he said.

-Said that something would have happened sooner if the Super Bowl had not been in their city. Something will have to happen by the time the combine rolls around in 2 weeks because that is once again in their city and they’ll want resolution before there are more media types swarming them again. (Although personally, what do these guys care?)

-Again Schefter alluded to the fact that Manning is open to structuring his contract in a way that would allow any new team that signs him to assume little risk. (My thought here, is WHY won’t someone including Mike & Mike ask the question ‘would Peyton do this option for the Colts’)

-Schefter basically said that the Colts are moving on. It’s not that they can’t decide to go with Peyton and Luck this next season; it’s that it doesn’t make sense. You select a QB #1 overall, that player needs all the playing time and all the reps he can get. At that point, Schefter adds, what could Luck possibly ‘learn’ from Peyton Manning from sitting on the bench?


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