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The Peyton Manning YouTube Workout Video

Above is the video of Peyton Manning making four throws that was clearly put out by Manning Camp early this morning. In actuality, it was between the 1:00 and 2:00 AM hour last night. At the :06 mark, you’ve got “what a ball”. That tips me off that this video was put out by Peyton Manning’s group (along with the fact that Chris Mortensen broke the story). But what was the reason?

He obviously wants to show that he is healthy. That he can still play. But what about his status with the Colts? Is he trying to show the Colts organization he can still play so they’ll pick up the option? After all, Jim Irsay did say that if #18 is healthy he’ll be a Colt.

Everywhere else, people are saying it’s a matter of when and where until Manning moves on.

Thursday the wait should be over. That’s March 8th. But I wouldn’t discount the possibility of Jim Irsay and Peyton delaying things and making us wait a while longer. It just doesn’t feel like an answer is coming Thursday, does it?


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