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Re-Watching Colts week 1, 2014 vs. Denver Broncos



NFL Network is re-airing this game right now. I figured since I didn’t pay close attention to it due to the 24-0 hole they dug themselves into, it would be a good time to see if I noticed anything a second time around.

The Colts lost the game 31-24.


  • The Colts should have went for it deep in Denver territory on the opening possession of the season on 4th and 1 instead of punting. Pagano has to get more aggressive in these types of games and situations.
  • Luck missed a throw to Fleener on third down that was just rushed and probably should have went elsewhere.
  • Trent Richardson stuffed on the first run of his season. Had little to no burst, on other runs and screens. I think at the time watching it live I knew trouble was coming.
  • Reggie Wayne looked good in the first half. Three nice catches, and to me; he doesn’t seem like a guy that had lost it yet.
  • The Colts first TD of the season wasn’t a touchdown pass, or a run from the running back; it was a diving play with Luck stretching around the pile-on and upon review it was ruled a TD. This closed the first half at 24-7.
  • Opening possession of the second half, Colts drive down to the 1 and 1/2 yard line and on 4th and 1 Pagano calls a sneak for Luck and he’s stonewalled. Poor play-calling.
  • Poor play-calling on the Colts second possession of the second half when they stalled out in the red-zone and had to settle for a field goal to make it 24-10.
  • The Colts had so many opportunities to win this game. It really should have been no surprise to anyone that the Colts went in there in January and beat the Broncos.
  • Everything from Manning was screens and underneath really. The Colts built a book on Manning off this for the playoff game.
  • Colts trailed 31-10 with eight minutes to go. Luck’s first TD of the year passing comes on a throw to Dwyane Allen where he barely made the catch past the defender and then rushed down the sideline to stay in-bounds.
  • Indianapolis then recovered an onside kick with 7:45 left, trailing 31-17.
  • Luck then threw a tipped-ball interception deep in Denver territory off the hands of Colby Fleener after completions to Wayne and Hilton.
  • Luck throws a TD to Hakeem Nicks with 3:59 left in the game to make it 31-24.
  • Colts got the ball back with less than 3 minutes to go.
  • On 4th and 6, Luck fires a ball to tightly covered Reggie Wayne that is batted away by Bradley Roby. This effectively ends the game.

The Colts had so many opportunities to win this opener. After going back and watching it for a second time in more detail, they were better than Denver this season. I’m not surprised that they got their revenge in the playoffs to advance to the AFC title game, and arguably; they played a better all around game the first time around in Denver, especially defensively.

Despite his mistakes, Andrew Luck was 35 of 53 for 370 yards and two touchdowns, and two tipped ball interceptions. He also ran for 19 yards on five carries and a touchdown.Reggie Wayne had nine catches for 98 yards.


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