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A Say day in Colts land

I kinda waited to see what Jim Irsay tweeted about the subject, and he summed it up well as only an Irsay tweet can do.

He also gave this – a created video by the Colts of Reggie Wayne’s career highlights:

Bill Polian was the man who drafted Wayne with the 30th overall pick in the 2001 draft, and his comments were added in an Indy Star story that is in today’s paper.

Like Polian says, you would like to see Wayne go out wearing only the Horseshoe. We hope he’s played his last game, even if it wasn’t the Wayne that we had came to remember that we saw as our final impression.

I tried to eulogize his career best I could in a few words on my NFL site. I’ll miss Reggie Wayne, probably my favorite Colt of all-time who gave more Sunday memories to me than any other Indianapolis player.

Put the Money in the bag!


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