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Andrew Luck’s Finest Playoff Game

There was the miracle comeback against the Chiefs in Indianapolis of course in the 2013 playoffs, but Andrew Luck’s day against the Bengals in the Wildcard Round of 2014 was one of his most sterling performances to date in his career, and his best postseason game

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He was 31 of 44 passing for 376 yards and no interceptions, passer rating of 104.0 for the day. I actually thought the Colts might lose this game. I felt the Bengals matched up well with them and that they were finally due to get that first playoff win under Marvin Lewis.

His touchdown throw to Donte Moncrief while being brought down made the fellas doing the highlight show late-night on NFL Network just ‘woooo’ with excitement. It’s one of those plays you’ll never forget.

It was the greatest game of Luck’s postseason career, and his second of his three postseason wins.


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Andrew Brandt: Luck will set new standard for NFL Contracts

On Sports Illustrated’s MMQB, Andrew Brandt states something I can’t hope to see soon enough:

Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck will set a new standard for NFL contracts. The present threshold—$20 million per year, with $60 million guaranteed—was set by Drew Brees in 2012, and the class of 2013 contracts (Romo, Rodgers, Ryan and Flacco) hovered just below that threshold. It’s time for a market adjustment, and we’ll see it with two quarterbacks who have become the signature players for their teams.

More interesting than the numbers, though, will be the structure of guarantees in these contracts. There is a unique and potentially groundbreaking opportunity here: fully guaranteed contracts. As transcendent players barely in their mid-twenties, these two have the opportunity to demand that all five or six years of a contract be guaranteed. It is on the Colts and Seahawks to justify not doing so

I hope Luck gets some type of lifetime deal that is the largest contract ever signed in the sport. It’s something that recent reports suggested wasn’t close to happening, though. Luck said he had no knowledge of it.

Brandt also predicts we get another season of Peyton Manning, which I agree with.

It’s overall a pretty good read on what will happen this upcoming offseason that will be filled with dollars thrown and transactions that have a ripple effect on the league not only for 2015 but for the years to come.

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Ahmad Bradshaw Faces Marijuana Charge

The Colts are definitely going to be looking running back in the upcoming NFL Draft.

According to a published report (I saw it on PFT), Ahmad Bradshaw got caught with some Marijuana last week in Ohio of all places.

I have to say, from linebackers Josh Mcnary and D’Qwell Jackson to now Bradshaw; the Colts have not exactly been choir boys as a group under Chuck Pagano and Ryan Grigson. It leaves one to wonder if Pagano is ever going to command enough discipline and strike fear into his players, or is Grigson putting together a roster of trouble-makers?

Of course, winning cures everything. If the Colts make good on those 12/1 odds to win the Super Bowl next year, as long as Andrew Luck stays out of the light of the law (and he will); everything will be overlooked.

I don’t think Bradshaw was to figure into the long-term plans of the team anyways. But either him or Daniel Herron represent the best running back on the roster at this point.

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